Friday, January 8, 2010

We made the switch!

To a big girl seat, that is.

That's right folks, Buggy has officially become too big to comfortable chill in the infant car seat and we had to switch over the the convertible car seat. Le sigh, she is getting so big.

We went from this

to this

*excuse the Hubster in the background there*

When purchasing our convertible car seat, we went back and forth between the new Safety 1st Air Protect Seat and the Graco MyRide 65. I loved the safety features of the Safety 1st. I mean, it makes sense. Airbags for baby's head. However, when I thought of Buggy at age 3 sitting in her seat, I couldn't imagine her tolerating the big blinders on each side of her head. And trust me, they would have been.right.there.

Ultimately, we chose the Graco MyRide 65. I was super excited to purchase it, because we decided to get it in a girly print. Now, let me take you back to when we were purchasing Buggy's baby gear. We decided to get all gender neutral gear, so that we could use it with any other kidlets we decide to have.It just seemed more financially responsible and seemed like it would stretch our dollar the most. I admit though, I longed for the girly patterns and prints of all the gear and bedding out there, but honestly, it was the best decision for us.

However, when choosing a convertible seat, we decided, okay I decided, to go with a girly pattern called Sonata since she'll be in the seat for a few years and we'll probably have another child while she's still in this seat (if the Hubster has his way, I might be cool being one and done, but I digress.) So, off to the store we trotted and picked out this adorable seat.

Which car seat did you get for your kidlets? Why did you choose the one you purchased?
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