Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Crack #4: My Pal Violet

Meet Violet, my new best friend. Buggy got her for Christmas from her Uncle J and Aunt T. We had no idea when she got it what a wonderful piece of baby crack it would end up becoming.

So heres the lowdown on Violet. She's the "sister" toy to the My Pal Scout toy by Leapfrog. Basically, she's the girly version of Scout. Each of her four paws control a certain activity or game. Her left bottom paw is the on/off switch, right bottom is sleepytime music, left upper is daytime music, and the right upper is games. You can hook the pup up to your computer through the included usb cable and are able to personalize it with their name, favorite food, favorite color and favorite animal. You can also choose the songs and music that is played. Honestly, the favorite food, animal and color are a little excessive for a 6 month old, but it will really come in handy as she gets older. Right now, we have it set to sweet potatoes, an owl and green. Oh, and they had holiday songs that you could put on there during the holiday season. I was thisclose to selecting a few of them for her, but seeing as it was on Christmas that she got it, decided to wait until next year and do them then.

Violet teaches how to spell your child's name through song as well as helps teach counting, animals, colors, routines. It's a really great fun teaching toy. I'm not advocating the use of toys and entertainment items to teach your child as I feel that that is something a parent should do, but honestly, if a toy can help back up what you teach your child, all the better in my opinion.

Buggy will freak out over her Violet. She gets all grinny and giggly and will hug her and kiss her. It's so cute. Plus I get a kick out of hearing Violet say Buggy's name and saying "I love you Buggy'srealname." Awww

Highly recommend Violet or her brother Scout.


  1. Girl! Savanna got Scout for Christmas and she LOVES him! I don't know why she got Scout and not Violet, but either way, I just LOVE him! I think I play with him more than Savanna, though it is so cute to hear her spelling her name right along with Scout! Buggy and Savanna should have a play date with their MY Pals!

  2. Emilia got Violet for Christmas and she also adores her!!! And it made me beyond happy that when we went to personalize her, they had both Emilia's correct spelling of her name and they pronounced it correctly! She loves when Violet says her name!

  3. That's so awesome, Susan. I was super excited to find Buggy's name in there as well! I didn't think it was common enough to be included, either.

  4. We have this and LO loves it, though it can only spell her name :( Do you find that even though you customized the lullabies, it plays the same one over and over? Perhaps we did something wrong.