Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Background Ideas or The Evolution of a Photo Shoot

I got the wonderful idea from a photography board that I frequent to use some of Buggy's baby blankets as interesting backgrounds. I had no idea how I was going to hang them up though. See, I usually just drape the fabric over the back of a chair and call it a day, but I couldn't do that with the smaller baby blankets. Then, it hit me. The jumperoo would make a fabulous background holder. Fantastic! So, I went in the hubster's tool box and got out a few small clamps. Attached them to the jumperoo and we had a backdrop stand. Pretty cool. See?

Anyway, I chose two of Buggy's blankets and clamped them to the sheet. The first one was a cute yellow and green one, and I liked the yellow the best. Buggy was unimpressed though.

 Even Violet couldn't keep Buggy from the brink of boredom.

Then I had a pink polka dot/chocolate color blanket, and thought the polka dots might be fun! I mean, come on, polka dots! Everyone loves those, right. So, I armed Buggy with a little teething book and let er rip.

Then...Mommy made the mistake of taking away the book...

So, in retaliation, we decided to take away Mommy's backdrop. Neener Neener.

And that was the end of that...


  1. Still adorable, even with the backdrop snafu!

  2. great idea!! I always try to think of ways to hang backdrops! Thanks!