Saturday, January 9, 2010

CLW #3: Hotsling

The third cant-live-without that made my life a WHOLE lot easier, especially during the first few months, is my Hotsling. It made toting Buggy around super easy, plus she got to snuggle up against me and well, we both lurve that.

Let me break it down for you
12 pound baby
+5 pound carseat
50 least.

Well, that's how it feels, at least. And that was when she was only 12 lbs. I honestly can't imagine toting her around in that monster now. I'd look like the Man Whose Arms Exploded. Yeowch!

After lugging my newborn around and feeling the incredible weight that an 8 lbs baby and seat together felt like, I decided to look into slings. I bought a NoJo one from a consignment store (I have a sick obsession with kid's consignment shops) but it didn't work too well for me. I' fluffy, and it didn't fit quite right. Consequently, I believed my slinging days were over, until I found the hotslings website and found that they have sizes! Sizes people! Not just a one size fits all, which by the way, most sizes do not fit all. Thank you very much.
So I sized me up and ordered the correst size (on clearance as well.) It was shipped to me and I was super stoked to get it.

I tried it on the moment I got it. I think Buggy was about 2 months when I got it. We still use it, though now we are into the hip carry instead of the cradle and front carries.

Check out Buggy in all her super comfy sling lovin' glory:

The First day we got it. Cradle carry. Excuse Mommy's messy hair.

Mommy and a passed out Buggy on a fun shopping trip.

She would literally just chill and sleep for as long as I let her.

She slept the whole time.

I don't have any pictures with her in the hip carry yet. I think you get the idea though.

Question: Do you use a sling or other type of carrier? What do you use? Why do you like it? Let me know in the comments section!


  1. Love it! We used the Peanutshell (also a pocket sling, like yours, but definitely designed for the long torso'd gal) and I was so sorry when Turtle outgrew it.

  2. We still use B's hotsling! He's almost 19 months and 35 pounds. Totally worth the investment!

  3. That's awesome to know Kristin! I'm having issues with the hip carry, but hopefully it will get easier. I hate lugging around a stroller and all for short trips.