Saturday, January 9, 2010

My poor chesticles

I was just changing Buggy's diaper, and saw something in her mouth as she gave me a big grin.

Yup, her bottom right toofer is peeking through. As I gazed at it, I swear I heard a gasp of terror from my nursing tank.

Scabby nips, here I come!


  1. I hope for your sake that she's not a biter!!!

    Oh and now you can call her Goofer Toofers like we call Em!!!

  2. B didn't have issues nursing when his bottom teeth were in, he didn't start biting 'til the top ones came in. He only did it a few times though. Be prepared for her latch to be off though, its sometimes difficult for them to re-learn to latch with those pesky teeth in the way. Break out the lansinoh again!

  3. When K got his first two bottom teeth - I found he would bite when he first latched on, maybe as in frustration for waiting for the let-down. I tried what they say to do - set him aside and say no bite - but that only made him more frustrated, and thus more biting. So for 5 days every time he went to latch on I said "let me see your tongue" and would stick out mine - It worked like a charm, I have not been bit since.

  4. Emily, that is a FANTASTIC idea! Buggy always sticks her tongue out to mimic me when I do it. I'll definitely try this technique! Thank you so much!