Wednesday, January 27, 2010

There is a little person backing up all over the place

and rolling every which way she can. That's right ladies and gentlemen.
Buggy. Is. Mobile.

She's totally great at rolling, and has decided that should be her main form of mobility. She also has learned to crawl...backwards. I'm thinking about hooking up a backup chime on her. You know the kind, the beeping a bus makes when its backing up. This way, I know when she's on the move.

Or maybe I'll just get her a bell collar.

In other news, the weather down here in the tropics is a cold cold 50 degrees. In comparison to the 80s we got last week, its a downright freakin' cold snap. So, we broke out some cute long sleeve shirts for Buggy to wear. She looks so adorable. Honestly, she'd make a great northerner. Alas, we leave in the South. I swear, one day I will take her to see snow! It has to happen!

What's a post without pics, you ask? Well, it's just words. And we can't have any of that tonight, can we? So, heres a few recent ones of my girl, being cute. 'Nough said.

And a wonderful pic of Buggy in her sunhat and (long sleeve) shirt on one of our walks in the winter chill.

Apparently walks do not amuse Buggy anymore. Harrumph.

1 comment:

  1. Cute!!! Your girl is so sweet!
    My girl hasnt learn how to crawl yet, but whether she is belly down or up she can do a whole 360!
    p.s. I absolutely looove the orange/brown bow