Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My first time trying a photoshoot

I posted a while back about trying my hand out at "real" photgraphy. I've been taking snapshots and editting and all that jazz for years, but never tried to actually take really great portraits (Landscapes are a different story.)
Well, I definitely caught the photography bug and went to Walmart yesterday and bought some fabric on clearance to use a backdrop. See how fancy I'm becoming? Using a backdrop. Wow.
Anyway, I've had this bug up my butt for a few weeks about doing some Valentines Day photo cards to send to friends and family of Buggy. I was going to use our professional portraits done by my fabulous friend Jamie, but thought that I might try my hand at taking some Valentines pictures myself. So today I tried my hand at it and dressed Buggy up in her Valentines outfit. My nephew Butt actually jumped in for a few cute shots too. He's such a little handsome dude. (Oh, and don't ask where the nickname Butt came from. None of us have any idea, we've just always called him that.)
These are the results. I think they actually turned out fairly nice. What do you think? I'd LOVE some constructive criticism!


  1. They are great! I especially love the 1st and 4th ones of your daughter and the 3rd one of your nephew. You have a great photographer's eye!

  2. I love these!!! The lighting is really nice,too. Great job!
    And such precious models :)

  3. Great work! They both look so sweet. I've been following along for a little and wanted to delurk!

  4. You did really great!!! I love the 2nd one of Addy. Oh my she's going to be a heartbreaker!!! Such a cutie!

    Oh and if I get some pictures from Emilia's birthday that turn out nice I might have you make me a handfull of V-day cards for the Grandparents!