Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Solids Saga: Part 3. Attack of the Carrots

The first solid food (other than the pre-requisite cereal) that we started Buggy on was carrots. We decided to start with those, because while I was pregnant, I had hyperemesis gravidarum and the only thing I could (usually) keep down was carrots. I ate those things like they were going out of style. Honestly. I used to carry little individual packs of baby carrots in my purse every where I went so if I started to get sick, I would cram a few of those in hopes of staving off any pukeyness. Didn't always work, but hey, I tried. When you have HG, you will try ANYTHING to stop the vomitting. *Bad memories* Side story, I actually found an old purse from the day I went into labor a few weeks back. It had a baggy of carrots still in it. Needless to say, that was unpleasant and that purse is no longer with us. Sad, really. I loved that purse.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, carrots.

So, we decided to use carrots, because hey, if I had consumed so many of them while she was in ma bellah, maybe she'd remember them and think, "Hey, these taste like Mommy!"

I didn't have a blender/food processor at the time to make my own baby food so we had to start with jar food, so we went with Gerber. I heated them up slightly and presented them as a gift to her. Buggy was super stoked. She chowed down. I mean CHOWED down. It was as if she actually remembered them. She loved them so much she basically bathed in them.
Bathed in them!

Over the course of several nights, we attempted to feed without making too much of a mess. It didn't work. She thoroughly enjoyed herself a bit too much to worry about actually keeping the carrots off of her. Thankfully, she doesn't have a skin allergy to them. I think we are safe to say that.
Carrot Love

"Mommy, these are the best thing since sliced bread! Wait, when can I have that?"

I'm pretty sure we've now learned that a bib does not contain the mess. After using up my arsenal of OxyClean (RIP Billy Mays) we started undressing her from the top down. At least she's washable and doesn't stain...too much.

Up next: Green Beans!


  1. We used to feed Em in just her diaper when we were doing purees! No matter how careful we were it seemed that they were all over the place all of the time! She looks like one happy adorable camper!

  2. They do go everywhere, that's for sure!