Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tales of a Zombie Mommy

The last week and a half has been terrible for Buggy and her arch nemesis of the week, Sleep. Anytime that silly old Sandman comes a knockin' Buggy yells and screams and, honestly, you would think the world was ending. Just 2 weeks ago, her pediatrician asked me "How's she sleeping?" And I answered "Pretty good. She sleeps around 5 or 6 hours straight, nurses and then goes back to sleep for several more hours." Oh, poor little old 2 weeks ago me. Bless your little heart, you knew nothing.

Since then, Buggy hasn't slept a single night through. None. It's been up every hour/every 2 hours, screaming, crying, and tossing/turning. Now, fortunately, we bed share, so I was able to just sit up and try and nurse her. She would nurse, and then go back to sleep, but would be up again in another hour or so. She didn't get up this much when she was a newborn. I honestly have no clue what's gotten into her.

So, through much careful consideration and long talks with the hubster, and a few friends, we've decided to see how Buggy does in her crib. I'm nervous as all get out, and not looking forward to hunkering down in my bed with only the hubs for company, but I will do anything to help my baby get a better night's sleep. She's currently in her crib now, sleeping peacefully with nigh a peep being made, so maybe we are on the right path.

All I know is that tonight, I'll be sleeping with my husband on one side, and my monitor receiver clutched in my arms on the other. :(

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  1. It's a hard transition to go from bed sharing to having baby sleep in her own crib, but if it means better sleep for her and you, it's worth it. And Emilia has gone through a few weird stretches where she slept like crap and then went back to sleeping great. Right now we are just coming out of a bad stretch of horrible sleeping and screaming when getting near the crib. She actually STTN 2 times last week and that was a huge thing for all of us! Hopefully Buggy gets out of her funk soon. Good luck!