Friday, March 19, 2010

in which the poop hit the proverbial fan

Or in this case, the carseat.

It's Murphy's Law, people. You know the one. "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". My life epitomized that today. It honestly wasn't the worst day ever, but it was one of those days where things just did the opposite of what you thought they were going to do.

You see, we got Buggy her new convertible car seat way back in December. I've been proud of the fact that I've successfully kept it clean. That is, up until today.

Her old infant car seat saw many a poopy blowout. Many. I guess that's what altitude changes driving through mountains will do to an immature digestive system. Especially one that isn't used to mountains. On our few trips to the mountains we knew when pressure dropped, because she dropped too. It was, well, I was proud of the amount that Buggy pushed out. It was a thing of beauty.

Needless to say, the infant car seat cover and the washing machine became steadfast friends. I think they may miss each other now.

When we purchased the convertible car seat, we got this lovely little invention called the Piddle Pad. It's designed to keep your expensive car seat clean and piddle/poop free. It's done it's job well. The entire time we've had it, not a blowout in sight. Not even a leaky diaper. I think it may work by power of suggestion though.

Why do I think that?

Because today when I ran up to McDonald's with my father he put Buggy in her seat. The piddle pad apparently offended him in some way, so he took it out. I felt a disturbance in the force at that moment and something told me to tell him to replace it, but I didn't go with my Jedi instincts.

So, we made the trip. Buggy enjoyed being out of the house. She sang as the wind blew through her hair, giggled at Mommy singing to the radio. General merriment abounded.

Then, we got home. And took her out of the seat. And heard a weird suction as we pulled her out of the seat. And smelled something weird.

Then I saw it...all the way up her back.

Oh yes, people. The dreaded blowout. Buggy of course, thought this was hysterical. It was even funnier trying to change a blowout with a little one who has recently learned to crawl. I've never chased a child with poop hanging off their butts until today. 

So, today was a day where I learned Murphy's Law works well. I also learned that if you ever are worried that your child isn't pooping enough, just remove the Piddle Pad. I learned that I'm better at diaper changes than I thought. I also learned my reflexes are quicker than I thought when Buggy decided that she wanted to play with the weird stuff that was sticking to her and her hands went for it. I won.

Oh, and I also learned that no matter how much poop I see or smell, it doesn't detract from my appetite if I'm hungry enough. The McDonald's was good. Very good.


  1. Isn't it amazing how as a mother you can be covered in poop and then down french fries in the next minute?? I've never had a poop explosion in the car...but puke is always a pleasure too!

  2. I think once you give birth your stomach takes on this whole new stomach of steel vibe so that way we can still stay nourished even when we are covered in all types of bodily fluids.

    Lucky! How did you manage to escape the poop car explosion?