Friday, March 26, 2010

Am I denying my child?

We've decided that we aren't going to take Buggy to see the Easter Bunny. The Hubs never went to see him and I only went one time as a kidlet. It just wasn't that important to either of our families. Santa is one thing. That's a right of passage, but the Easter Bunny? Really?

Am I denying my child a basic privilege of being a kid? Should all children see the Easter Bunny (well those that celebrate Easter, at least?) Will this be detrimental to Buggy's life growing up? Will she be taunted by the Easter Bunny going kids on the playground? Will they call her "Buggy No Bunny" if we don't take her?

Honestly, all I can really remember about the Easter Bunny as a kid was that he creeped me out. Like, I needed therapy after visiting him. The whole idea of a huge Bunny just terrified me. Seriously? Just think about it the way a pre-elementary school kid would think about it. A big bunny sneaks into your house and hides eggs and a basket. Santa is cool. He's a fat, jolly man that brings presents and leaves them under your Christmas tree and eats cookies and gives carrots to his reindeer and flies happily off into the night. The Easter Bunny sneaks into your house and hides eggs! Eggs, people! Where's the fun in that? And honestly, as a kid, I thought that he came and laid the eggs in the house. Boy was I screwed up.

And have you seen some of these "Bunnies" they have at the mall? Uh, scary! I'm pretty sure Buggy would be completely traumatized if I went and placed her on a fuzzy dude's lap and backed away to get her to smile. Of course, she is my child, and will probably benefit from therapy sometime in her life, but I don't want her blaming everything on me and the one time I took her to see a giant bunny and the fact that she has no idea why but she trembles everytime she sees a person in an animal costume.

There are some cute bunnies, but the majority of these suckers that I've seen look a little iffy to me. Don't believe me? Just do a google search for Easter Bunny Mall pictures and check some of these bad boys out. Oh, and definitely have your safe search on, because there are some seriously sick people out there. Ouch!

So, whats the verdict? Should we suck it up and take her anyway, because its a right of passage? Or, do you agree that its not important?


  1. I have yet to and do not plan to ever take Savanna to see a stinkin Mall Bunny! LOL! Once she gets older I will be buying her a bunny (a real one) every easter (Not if the one from the previous year is still around though) because that is what my parents did for me. Bunny's are fun pets but not until she is old enough to help take care of the little dude. Every parent is different, if you don't feel that it is a tradition you want to take part in, don't. I don't think the kids at school will tease her and if they do and she ASKS to go see the dang bunny then take her. :) Love you!

  2. I'm with you - not that important. Once my kiddos get older, perhaps. Now, I'm not all that interested in standing in those lines!

  3. LOL! I agree that most mall bunnies are pretty freaky looking. I have one photo with him when I was little & I look terrified...but I caved & took my 10 month old to see him & she loved him! She squealed in delight & giggled as he tickled her face with his furry bunny paws. haha!