Saturday, March 13, 2010

I married the right man, for sure!

The hubster earned some serious brownie points today, people. I mean some SERIOUS brownie points. He has taken care of Buggy by himself all day long (except nursing sessions.) As well, he also did 3 loads of dishes (things really backed up around here lately,) 1 load of laundry, swept the kitchen floor and he made dinner.

And by dinner I don't mean mac and cheese out of a box. Oh no. He made steak, garlic mashed potatoes with a brown onion gravy, green beans and crescent rolls. Also, he made me hot tea with dinner.

How amazing is this dude?

And now, I'm listening to him sing Buggy to sleep down the hall.

This is love.


  1. You definitely have a keeper!

  2. Just stopping by from Lady Bloggers tea party--I agree with Elaine. Keep this one--he sounds wonderful :)