Monday, December 7, 2009

A day of Christmas Fun!

Today, Buggy, my parents, the hubster, and I did a little Christmas celebrating. A little holiday cheer was had.

First, we went to see the big man in red. Buggy was not totally impressed, but we did get a decent shot. She was, however, far more interested in the beard that the jolly elf had going for him. She latched right on to that thing with her hand, and didn't let go until the last second. If you check out the photo, you'll see jolly old St. Nick actually holding her hand. This was after we pried his much adored whiskers from her grasp of steel. I think she may have actually hurt him. Kid's got a grip on her, that's for sure. Let's hope these shenanigans didn't put her on Santa's naughty list.

We also decided a couple of weeks ago at our seemingly bi-weekly jaunt to Sonny's (Baby back ribs for Babies, people! It's for the babies!)  we saw they had their Salvation Army Angel Tree up. Now, we usually do this every year, but honestly the last year has been pretty hard financially, so we had decided not to do it this year. Kind of bummed me out, but alas, I was determined to get over it.
That is, until I actually looked at the tree and saw my angel. An angel I just had to get. A little girl who is 2 months old. They had requested a nursery monitor and clothes. That was it. I had to have her. So, I batted my eyes at the hubster, and had Buggy look at him all sad like, and of course, he not-so-begrudgingly gave in. So, I grabbed her off the tree and we decided to make this an annual tradition. We will get an angel off the tree, no matter how financially strapped we are, who is the same age as Buggy, and we will have her pick out gifts for the child.
Of course, she is nowhere near old enough for that this year, but nonetheless, we did it anyway. So, I went to my favorite consignment shop today and bought her about 10 outfits. Then we went to Target after the Santa visit, and got the monitor, a blanket, a small toy (Buggy did pick that out!) and a few other little items. Then I put a pair of shoes Buggy had never worn (she has gigantor feet) and some socks and headbands, and voila, Buggy had her first Angel Tree bag done! I think she felt pretty good about it.

She had so much fun bagging it all up, we let her just play in her bumbo (CLW#1) and I got this adorable snapshot of her checking out the tree.

All in all, a wonderful day full of old traditions, and new ones. I am LOVING this Christmas!


  1. Love the picture! Em too has a grip of steel!
    FYI your Christmas tree is STUNNING!!! Love it!

  2. We've been going to Sonny's because "we're giving money to charity" too. :)