Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby Crack Item #2: The Exersaucer

The exersaucer. *cue singing Angels*

Seriously, it is love. Buggy would honestly play in this thing for hours if I would let her. She loves it that much. I can't say I blame her. It's obviously a super fun activity with lots of bright toys, obnoxious music, flashing lights. It's a regular carnival on 4 legs.

It technically has 3 stages (playmat, exersaucer, and standing toy) but we, so far, have only used it in stage 2, which is the stage that you see above. We got it from a friend whose little girl had outgrown it. By the time we got it, Buggy was much too "grown up" for the playmat stage and wanted to go straight in to stage 2. She's such a diva.

Do you see the extreme exuberance? I told you. She could honestly stay in this forever and she would be okay with it.

I love it because it really encourages hand/eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. It also "teaches" colors and numbers. While I'm not the biggest advocate of putting your baby in something and having them learn from a toy (or, even worse, the television *gasp*) I can't argue with the fact that Buggy loves to play in this thing and, hey, if she's going to play in it, she might as well learn things too, am I right?

This wonderful piece of baby crack has saved many an afternoon meltdown when Mommy needed to get something done and Buggy was just having none of it. I put her little self in it and the tears just dried away as the obnoxious music in the form of a jaunty rendition of "The Ants Go Marching" resounded throughout the living room. Honestly, if the annoying music is what it takes to make my girl happy, I'll roll with it.

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