Monday, December 14, 2009

CLW #2: Co-Sleeper

Well, the Cant-Live-Without #2 is really, now a Couldn't-Live-Without, as we can now live without it, because we can't use it anymore. Buggy has outgrown it. *pauses for a moment of "Awwww"*

However, the CLW #2 is the First Years Close and Secure Sleeper and we used it every night for the first, oh, 3 months of Buggy's life.

*not Buggy*

Well, okay, technically, for the first 3 weeks we were home, we slept in the den, in the recliner, with her on my chest. But, that was really only because I couldn't climb up into bed (it's a really high bed.) Then, we moved into our bedroom and put her in the bedside co-sleeper and she just seeemed SO FAR AWAY!

A week later, we took a trip up north to see the mother-in-law, and we purchased the First Years Close and Secure Sleeper to use in the hotel rooms. LOVED it. She was right in bed with us, and I slept so much better. I knew that we weren't going to roll over on her, and she was right there and I just felt so much better. We hadn't planned on bedsharing, but it really worked out really well.

I had such grand plans when I was pregnant. Buggy would sleep in a bassinet in our room until she was 6 weeks old, and then we would seamlessly transition her to her room in her own crib. Yeah, did not work out that way. I wasn't prepared for the connection and need to be near her all the time.

She's still in our room, but she is now in the sidecar co-sleeper, which I will focus on in another CLW post.

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