Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas: A story in pictures.

A Christmas Story, as told by Buggy.

It's Christmas Morning and we are so excited to get up early and see what Santa brought!


And he brought me a new doll!

And Books!

And a ball popper thingamajiggy.

THIS IS SO COOL! Christmas is so fun!

I really love this paper stuff though.

Nom nom nom...

Then, I got all dressed up and went to lunch with Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Papa, GG, and D. Don't I look adorable?

Me with my Nana and Papa. I love them so much!

Me with my GG. She's the best!

Me with my Mommy and D.

Back at home playing with my gift from D: a rolly ball. I'm also sitting on my (finally) finished blanket that my Nana started before my Mommy even got pregnant.

After we rested at home for a bit, we headed to Granny and Papaw's for dinner. This is me and my Granny.

I had a blast playing with my cousin while Granny and Papaw watched.

However, this holiday season can be summed up in one, well two, words. WRAPPING PAPER!

Nom nom nom nom nom.
The End.

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