Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wait, when did she start doing this?

I've been giving Buggy Gerber Puffs every day to get her used to the pincer grasp and what not. She's never really successfully gotten them in her mouth. Mostly they end up on the floor. Today, at lunch, I gave her maybe a dozen and in about half an hour, she dropped them all but got 2 in her mouth. So exciting. We clapped, we high fived. All in a days work.
Well, while I was heating up dinner, the hubster just put one in his hand and she immediately picked it up and put it in her mouth like she's been doing it forever. Now she's happily sitting in her high chair with a plate full of puffs successfully eating them all.

When did this happen?

She's growing up way too fast. She's now clapping all the time, feeding herself, and she'll give us high 5s. Wow. Where did the itty bitty baby go? Now, if we could only successfully learn how to suck out of a sippy, we'll be set.

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