Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nursing Bracelets

When I first had Buggy, I was a little disoriented. Needless to say, the lack of sleep, exhaustion from labor, and all the ups and downs of becoming a first time mom coupled with all the new emotions, were quite a heavy load to handle. On top of all this, I decided I really wanted to breastfeed. Luckily for me, Buggy took right to it and nursed like a champ from the get go.

However, just with everything, breastfeeding took time, hardwork and concentration. The last idea being the hardest one. When you first start breastfeeding, the lactation consultants and nurses, and whoever else thinks they know more about your boobs than you, will tell you that you have to nurse each side and flip back and forth so that way your milk will come in, you won't become engorged and won't risk mastitis. Also, it's best to feed on demand, and its a good idea to keep track of when feedings take place and for how long, etc, etc.

This is all pretty difficult to remember, especially when you are bleary eyed from lack of sleep.

My wonderful, beautiful, super intelligent mom (shhh she may be reading this) found this handy dandy think called a Milk Band which totally helped me keep track of all this and took so much off my mind. Basically, you use the little dial on the bracelet to tell you what side, duration and time you nursed. I used mine religiously for the first 2 months, then kind of stopped after I got the full hang of nursing.

You can also find more stylish nursing bracelet if the plain rubber band type bracelet isn't your style. Doing a simple Google search I found this site which boasts fancy beaded bracelets. I love them and would totally rock if I still needed to keep track of nursing.

Definitely check into them if you are nursing or plan to nurse. They were a super lifesaver for me!


  1. I might need to get a nursing bracelet for next go around! I can't imagine I'll be able to keep track of things very well with a toddler and a newborn. Great find!

  2. I wish I had known about these six months ago! I'll have to keep these in mind if and when there is a next one.

  3. BTW, left you an award on my blog at Please swing by to pick it up :)

  4. My bracelet was seriously a lifesaver. It helped a whole lot. I miss those days, haha!

    Thanks CaneWife, I'll head over there. :)