Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Sunny Side Up Show

Okay, some might judge me, but up until a week or so ago, Buggy never really watched tv. She occasionally would glance at it, stare for a second and then move on. It just didn't interest her.

Photo credit: Sprout Online

Until a few mornings ago. When we discovered "The Sunny Side Up Show" on Sprout. You see, Buggy hasn't been sleeping the best (read: up multiple times during the night) and because of that, Mommy hasn't been sleeping. Couple that with the fact that the hubster has been working on our new house constantly, every night since before Easter, and doesn't come home until the bats have already gone back to bed, and this adds up to a very tired Mommy.

So, a few mornings ago, I'm flat butt tired, and Buggy is up rummaging around our bed, babbling on about Mama, Dada, and all her other favorite things. When I suddenly feel the bright light of inspiration: television. Hey, people have been using it as a babysitter since the dawn of time. Okay, so since like the 50s. Whatev. Why couldn't I just try it out?
Fishing around in my nightstand, I find the remote and flip the tv on. Its on some home decor show, and while that may be entertaining for Mommy, Buggy was less than impressed. And hey, I may have had a moment of weakness allowing her to watch television, but at least I was going to find something kid appropriate. So, I flipped through the channels and found Sprout, and what happened to be some bath tub time show (which I later discovered is entitled the Rubbadubbers) and thought, hey, Buggy loves bath time, so we switched to it.

And it was over.

A few minutes later, I hear a jaunty little tune playing, and Buggy turns and starts dancing and bopping along to the music, which I have to admit, might possibly be the cutest thing EVAH and I looked up from my reclined position on the bed to see what was on. A group of singers is singing about a "Sunny Side Up Show" and theres a cute little barn and a puppet chicken, and fun kid friendly colors. Buggy was transfixed.

Then I hear it. A squeaky toy. Talking. Or trying to.

And Buggy literally squeals in delight, claps her hands and laughs hysterically. I look up at the tv again and what do I see? What is this that is making my daughter so. incredibly. happy?


Photo Credit: Sprout Online

Thats right, the squeaky chicken, aptly named Chica, had caught my daughters full attention. She wasn't interested in the actual shows that came on, but anytime that little muppet was on the screen she was glued to it. Glued!

So, we now have a morning ritual. We snuggle in bed after waking for a little bit, play, she nurses, and then we turn on the Sunny Side Up Show so she can hang with her favorite pal, Chica. Judge me if you must for letting my kid watch tv, but dangit, it makes her happy, ya'll. And she's not constantly watching it, and prefers to play.

Plus, Chica is SUPER cute. I actually found a little cat toy that looks a lot like Chica, and gave it to her today. It's cute, it squeaks a bit. I handed it to her, and Buggy got all hyper and guess what...

SHE SAID CHICA! No kidding. She's been saying it all day long. It's her first real word other than Mama, Dada, Nana, Papa and cat, which are all familiar words. I couldn't believe it.

So, sure, its probably not the best that the bugster watches a bit of television, but hey, it helped her say another word. I'm happy with it.


  1. No judgment here! Is the Sprout Network local? Ryder loves puppets, so I think I might try this show on for size. We don't let him watch much tv either, but one show won't hurt him.

    Miss you!

  2. Thats so awesome :) The last 2 mornings I have done the same thing! But sesame street for us. Im actually being more entertained by it then she is tho ;) I will have to check out the sunny side up show! (thats kind of a cruel name where Chica is

  3. I'll have to check it out. Educational TV is better than mind-numbing TV right? Right? Echoes ...