Friday, April 16, 2010

I think my babywearing days are over

and it makes me sad. But Buggy is getting heavy and super mobile. She loved being "worn" and I honestly love wearing her. Lately though, she squirms and squirms to get down. And cleaning while wearing her? Forget about it. Little hands are going a million miles a minute grabbing things and trying to eat them. The last time I was able to wear her was when she was about 7 1/2 months. Absolutely killed my back. And like I said, hands were everywhere.

I still have my hotsling, and I need to learn the hip carry. I can't do it very well, and I never feel very secure with her on my hip. Is that just a fat girl thing? Am I destined to not be able to do the hip carry? Trust me, I got big ole hips...

At least we have the memories though, right?

Anyone with toddlers that are still being "worn?" If so, how are you doing it? What do you use? Would it be worth it to invest in a more expensive carrier now that she's almost a toddler (ohmygosh!) or not? What do you recommend?


  1. Ry might be done with it too. We went for a walk with the Ergo the other day, and he look SOOOOO bored the entire time. When we walk with his stroller he's happy and talking.


  2. I still wear Christopher every once in a while. I do the hip carry with my hot sling. It is definitely a lot more difficult now because he is so heavy. I recently used my sling while going through security at the airport. So easy because they don't make me take him out.

  3. Check out her blog - she does extended babywearing

    Also Kristin just got this and swears it's amazing -

  4. Check out the Ergo. I LOVE it! We don't babywear as often as we used to but when we do, the Ergo is a lifesaver. Em is 23lbs but feels so light.

    You can use it with front carry, hip carry and back carry and it doesn't kill your back. It's a little pricy but it might be worth it if you want to continue wearing her.

    I don't plan on getting a double stroller even with BP on the way because I still plan on wearing either Em or BP (whichever isn't in the stroller at the time). Good luck and hopefully you can find something that works with your growing baby. :)

  5. There are definitely some great carrier options out there. Don't give up just yet, if you love and Buggy love it so much!

  6. I still wear my LO. He is 13 months and 25lbs. We use the infantino that looks like the Ergo.

  7. I wear my 14 mos and my 3 year old in my hotsling - although not at the same time ;) - and i love it. I've had a few slings and the hotsling is by far the most versatile one i've used.

    the hip carry is good for older children, just make sure they're centered in the pouch (seam up their back) and pull it up good and high behind them. you can always slide them around to the back too.

    if you find it's not working for you for whatever reason, take your baby with you and try some on, you might find another sling is a better fit for the two of you.

    i love babywearing, and it's a lifesaver for me. as a mom of four, i need my hands free! :D