Monday, November 9, 2009

Well, that was fun

Picture this, if you will. It's 2 in the morning, dead asleep, awoken by your baby girl's snorting and grunting. She's hungry. You blearily sit up in bed and pick her up from her co-sleeper, grab your boppy and lay her down, put a boob in it, and close your eyes, hoping to not fully wake so it will be easier to sleep after.
Your baby grunts softly and theres a gradual vibrating in the diaper area. Then, you feel it. A warmth spreading across her back and onto your hand. Oh yeah...
That happened this morning, and this is roughly the ensuing conversation:

Me: Oh, uh, hmmm
Baby: :grumble, snort, pass gass some more:
Me: OH, crap.
Hubster: :sleepy groan: Huh?
Me: Uh, CRAP!
Baby: :loud rumbling:
Hubster: :waking now: Holy cow, was that what I think it was?
Me: Uh, YEAH! :holding up hand and ripping baby off boob to hold up off the boppy hoping it doesn't get wet:
Baby: :softly cries:
Hubster: Oh, uh, it's coming out the back.
Me: Take her!
Hubster: I'm sleeping! (obviously not sleeping)
Me: I have it on me!
Hubster begrudgingly gets out of bed and carries baby to her nursery. I jump out to go wash up. Baby giggles because she is now FULLY awake.
Hubster: Uh, Babe?
Me: from the bathroom, tentatively, "Yeah.."
Hubster: We had a blowout.
I hurry and rush into the nursery thinking he needs help, only to see him hold up a wet diaper, no poo.
Me: puzzled look "Where's the poo?"
Hubster: It was a pee blowout.
We laugh, baby laughs, and we finish cleaning, wiping, changing baby and climb back in bed. Hubster kisses me and lays back down. Snoring begins almost as soon as his head hits the pillow.

However, baby is now awake...and ready to play.

For the next 2 hours.

And mommy doesn't get sleep again.

All that for a puddle of pee.

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