Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cant-Live-Withouts #1: Bumbo

Seeing as how I've decided to write all about my baby crack items, I also thought it might be useful to chronicle my mommy can't-live-withouts, herein called clw's.

My first clw is a contraption that I learned about from an online forum called the Bumbo seat. It's basically a seat that looks like an elephants foot that the baby sits in and it holds them steady. It's great for when you need a second pair of hands for when your making coffee, using the bathroom, picking your nose, you know, anytime you can't hold the baby and do what you need to do. Plus, they come in a fabulous array of assorted colors. Who can complain about that?

My daughter loves to sit up, and already at the ripe old age of 4 months, is sitting on her own, but putting her in the bumbo keeps her from tipping over and what not.

I was skeptical in purchasing it because I didn't really know how or when I'd use it, but figured that it wasn't a terrible purchase, and honestly, if I didn't like it, I could always re-gift it (cuz that's how I roll) or consignment shop it.

In BIG letters on the box it says that this product should only be used on the ground and while the parent is there. I totally agree with this. However, and I should never be used as an example, we also use this at restaurants. We place it on the table (oh no!) and put our daughter in it, lock her in with the nifty tray that you can purchase to accessorize your Bumbo, and let her play with her toys. She is never near the edge, and one of us always has a hand right there to make sure she doesn't move it (though its honestly so hard to move.) We never leave her alone in it either.

While I'm not endorsing the incorrect use of this product, I have to admit that it works very well for us. She HATES sitting in her carseat, and gets so hot in it to boot. She's still too little to sit in a high chair. Plus, those things are so disgusting that I don't really want her in one while she's in the "I can chew on everything" stage.
Like I said, I don't endorse using it on a raised surface, but this works very well for us, and we've never had a problem. This seat has saved many a melt-down in restaurants, plus keeps her clean and safe. As long as she isn't left alone, or placed too close to an edge, she's fine.

The Bumbo is definitely our #1 clw! We own 2!


  1. Have you tried the seats that hook on the side of the table? Those are great too!

  2. I have not. I must look into these. Thank you!

  3. I love our Bumbo. I need to get a tray for it though. And of course, Button isn't quite old enough for it yet. But he seems to like it, the few times I've put him in it.

  4. We had one of these and absolutely loved it. Your baby girls is adorable!!