Monday, June 28, 2010

Birthday Bonanza! part 1

Whew! That was a busy week, people! As you all know already, Buggy turned 1. Lets all pause for a great big Awwwwww.


Okay, now that that's over its on to the fun part of the post. Pictures!

Wednesday was her birthday and we had a grand ole time. The hubster took the day off and we, along with my parents, took Buggy out for a birthday lunch. We dressed her up in her birthday finest (1 onesie, tutu and crown, heck ya!) and set off for a delicious lunch. We had a great time. Buggy really enjoyed talking to all the people around us and telling them all that she was 1 by holding her finger up and saying "Uhhn." Apparently she can say "one" who knew?

Afterwards, we came home for the much anticipated cake smash. She posed for a few pictures with mommy and daddy, played with the cat and daddy, and then we stripped her down for the cake smash.

Buggy literally loooooved the cake. I mean, ecstasy people. Pure ecstasy. She was basically in heaven. Also, my girl? Totally not afraid to get dirty. Gotta love that. We took her out into the yard (easy cleanup!) and plopped her down in my old (antique?) highchair, put the cake in front of her and just let her have at it. She did not disappoint.

Clean Baby meets cake

She faceplanted several times!
Oh, Gosh, Mom, this stuff is soooo good.

Sharing with Daddy
and giving Mommy birthday kisses

The end result

All in all, I'd say Buggy had a pretty spectacular first birthday. We had her party on Saturday, so stay tuned for that awesome recap.

Seriously people, I can't believe my baby is 1! If you still have an itty bitty, hug them tight tonight. Time goes way too fast to not cherish those baby moments.

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