Friday, May 28, 2010

Buggy is going to be one!

I know, it's crazy right? But it's true. Buggy will be turning 1 next month!
*passes out*

It seriously feels like just yesterday I was puking my guts up everyday, eating only carrot sticks, and feeling a little person squirm around in my innards. Its hard to believe a year has already gone by.

So, you know what that means. PARTY TIME!

And to get the party started off the right way, I, of course, had to make super duper cute invitations. But, alas, what picture to use for the invitation? So I decided to toss Buggy's actual birthday outfit (not her party outfit- that will be a surprise for the guests) on and run her outside for a quick photo session. She performed phenomenally in front of the camera and I got some amazingly adorable shots, but one in particular for her invitations.

Oh and the coup de gras? Her invitation:


  1. Did she really grow 10 inches in a month???? or typo? (from 8mo to 9mo)

  2. BWAHAHA! That would be a hell of a growth spurt, eh? Yeah, definite typo. Blame it on the not sleeping because of molar teething, k?
    Thanks girl!

  3. The crown is cool wonderful! She looks like a princess.

  4. Her birthday invite is perfect! I remember when my little boy was turning one. So much fun to plan the party. Now he will already be two in September. Time flies so enjoy it!

    Found you on D-Listed and became a Facebook fan! You can check out my blog too, if you'd like :)

  5. What a beautiful invite, I looove that photo of her!