Monday, December 20, 2010

Guess who's back

Back again?
Mommy's back
Tell a friend!

Hey everyone! Guess what, I'm still alive. I am sooooo ashamed that I've let this blog go for so long, like honestly, totally embarrassed. It was at one time, my heart and soul, and then, well, life got in the way. We've been up to so much in the last few months, life seriously got ridiculously busy. Ironically, it seems to have somewhat slowed down here, you know, during the busiest time of the year, ha!

So, I'm back, and I can't wait to tell you of all the wonderful adventures, trials, and hysterics we've been through these last few months. We've had so much happen.

  • We moved into our house
  • Buggy learned to walk
  • Buggy cut her first molar (and if the other little jerks don't pop through soon, I'm going to go cahrazy)
  • We've remodeled
  • We've decorated
  • I've watched a ton of tv
  • I've learned to cook...somewhat. Well I haven't burned the house down, so SUCCESS!
  • Buggy speaks
  • Oh and I started a photography business which has been the most time consuming thing that's happened. But, its semi successful, so I say bring it! 
Anyway, I hope to start updating this much more regularly. Buggy has a bedtime now, that she seems to stick to for the most part, so I have time now in the evenings to write. *big gigantic sigh* 

I guess, for now, I'll just leave you with a quick peek of the Bugster now, at 17 months. She's getting SO big, people! Where oh where did that little girl come from, and where the heck did my baby go? 


  1. I admit you had me singing there for a minute and I'm glad you're back! Sounds like things are going great, can't wait to hear more about everything.

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  3. My heartiest best wishes for you moving into your new house!

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