Friday, July 23, 2010

She finally has a lovey!

I'll be honest, I never thought it was a big deal, but my child has never really been *attached* to certain items (besides my left boob, but hey, who wouldn't be? It's pretty fabulous) However, that all changed a few months ago, when Buggy and I were hanging with my friend B and her little girl R. R is a year older than Buggy, but Buggy's mature so she can hang with the older kids.

Anyway, R has this Pooh bear lovey blankey thingamajiggy. And she is obsessed with it. Like, homegirl won't put it down for a second. Buggy was intrigued with the PBLBT and held it for a moment, but was kind of ambivilent about the whole thing, honestly. But it occurred to me, as I watched R slip, fall, cry and subsequently be soothed by the PBLBT that, if Buggy were to get hurt in the future, she doesn't have a soothing item except for the left boob, and hey, I'm all about nursing in public but even I think it might be a smidge odd to plop the boob out for a comfort squeeze when my kids 3, ya know?

So, I set myself on a mission to find Buggy a lovey. We tried everything. A traditional blanket? No thanks. A sweet little bunny lovey blankey thingamajiggy? Meh, whatevs. A weird satin doll with no face? Uh, yeah right.

Nothing worked. Homegirl just wasn't feeling the lovey.

That is until a few weeks ago when she saw something in the playroom/sunroom at my parents' house and fell in love. She's completely attached to it, and plays with it on the floor, hugs and kisses it, and heck, even has to sleep with it.

What is this magical item, you ask?

A Big. Freakin. Plush. Wolf.


Why, yes, it is bigger than she is. But, the kid loves it. I can't get it away from her.

I guess my quest is over. But dude, how the heck will I pack this thing when we go on vacation?


  1. How cute! That thing will need its own suitcase.

  2. Awwww, it's cute-ish :) How did it get in your parent's house? Mungee doesn't have anything she's super attached too yet, but I am sure the time will come soon!

  3. a Wolf? I'm guessing she is team Jacob. Smart girl.

  4. Cute!
    Can you imagine trying to explain it to a stewardess if you ever have to fly with it though?
    "no, It'll fit in the overhead, I swear"

  5. Oh that bottom right picture is just so sweet! But yeah, you are pretty screwed when it comes to vacations and trying to pack that thing! lol

  6. Oh my! That is adorable, and really big!